More About Us


HOW WE STARTED & DEVELOPED OUR EMPHASIS ON IN HOUSE TRAINING – We’ve been helping people with their computers since 1999, when a young James Dickens went to work for Paul Kane and his friend Tom Gill in a new shop called “Computer Warehouse”, less because of it’s huge stock and more because of it’s warehouse like decor! We had a bench and a screw driver and people brought their problems to us. James was soon after made a junior partner with Tom and Paul and so it was for a few years. Unfortunately first Paul and then Tom spent less and less time in the shop due to ill health and eventually both Tom Gill & Paul Kane passed away. Without them there would be no Computer Solutions and they are fondly remembered. However the business they started with a hand painted sign and a screwdriver continued with James, who owes a huge debt to both Tom & Paul for giving him the chance early on. It is this emphasis on giving young technicians a chance to grow and gain experience from their seniors that has remained the bedrock for our company and it started with James learning from Tom and Paul.

OUR PREMISES – As business grew, it allowed us to improve our premises and move into the larger shop next door  (we started in what is now the Art Cafe). We also realised we needed a new name to better express our service based model and so Computer Solutions (Winchester) Limited came into being in September of 2003 and we became established in our current corner shop with an expanded workshop downstairs to take on the workflow.  In our new premises our new larger custom fitted workshop allowed us to take on an apprentice and have two senior technicians, as well as trainee and part time staff, a system that has worked well for us for several years..

OUR TEAM – We train our technicians to a high standard, not just technically but in customer service and the ability to speak plain English. We pride ourselves on taking on work experience, young weekend staff and then allowing some of these through to apprentice level to develop technicians who understand customers as well as they understand the technology. Currently we have senior technicians Billy Borca who’s been with us for seven years and James Dickens who as director has (as I mentioned above) been here since 1999. We also have Diego as a junior technician in training. We are a small team that has successfully managed tens of thousands of repairs over the years for over fifteen thousand customers. As part of our junior apprenticeship training  our technicians learn the technology through CompTia and Microsoft certification, however we have gone further to develop our own standards of training and procedure for all manner of our technician’s basic training, from security to customer service.

Our customers will remember our various former technicians fondly, as eventually most outgrow our home and small business shop and take on management roles in big business. We are proud to have helped train such talented and highly skilled technicians and our continuous training allows us to stay consistent in our service. This encouragement to move up and be better technicians does not merely deal with the problem of staff leaving, it is part of our business model to get the best out of our staff and encourage their growth as examples to the young guys training below them, helping us deliver a better quality of service to you the customer.

OUR CUSTOMERS – We have a wide range of home, business and not for profit customers, ranging from training silver surfers at Age UK to fitting out the till systems at Jeremy France Jewellers. We have had over 15,000 customers use use to complete over 80,000 jobs over the last 17 years in Winchester and surrounding areas.

WE TAKE IN OLD LAPTOPS FOR CHARITY – We collect and refurbish laptops for the homeless. The data is securely wiped and repair work is done as part of a training regime for work experience kids from the local schools we take in twice a year. So if you have an old laptop you want to donate please drop it in, the laptops are donated to the Winchester Churches Nightshelter (over the road from us, see for more details).